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Mango Airlines takes off with Primall Media
Primall Media

Utilising clever holiday themed imagery including gorgeous beaches, Mango Airlines encouraged mall goers through Primedia Unlimited’s Primall Media holding to think twice about where they’d be spending the festive season. 

“The creative concept was the brainchild of Gendel Advertising. The company achieved a visually impactful campaign utilising just two of our platforms. The concept as a whole made a distinct impression on mall shoppers for a period of six weeks at the end of last year,” says Executive: Sales & Marketing, Lee Curtis.

Branding on the exterior of lift doors depicted the message ‘be somewhere else’. Once the consumer walked into the lift the back upper wall was applicated to look as though the shopper is looking out of a window at a beautiful vista of Cape Town from a cable car perspective, a gorgeous Joburg skyline or Durban beaches.

The second concept utilised branded escalators. “Both the sides and steps on the escalator were branded,” says Lee. “The decals looked like the consumer was walking from the beach straight into the ocean. The effect as a whole made a great impression on our shoppers nationwide and we had very positive feedback from Mango.”