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Media Xpress provides over R1-million in added value to clients
Mediaxpress, Primedia Lifestyle Group

Media Xpress, a full-service media agency that forms part of the Primedia Lifestyle Group within the Primedia Unlimited group of companies, has secured in excess of R1-million in media discounts for Primedia Lifestyle Group’s clients over the past financial year.

“We are very proud that Media Xpress has been able to negotiate broad scale media discounts, across a variety of media platforms for our clients,” says Primedia Lifestyle Group’s Managing Director Doug Mayne.

He explains that Media Xpress’ clients consist of over 40 shopping centres across the country.

“Many individual shopping centres don’t have large scale advertising budgets, which results in media owners offering them small, if any, media discounts when it comes to advertising. We are able to add value as we commit a much larger annual budget on behalf of all of our clients, resulting in much bigger discounts, which are then passed back to our clients as part of our added value service to them,” says Doug.

“It’s a win-win situation for all because the media owners benefit from having a secured contract for a certain period of time, and our clients benefit from much better advertising rates due to the bulk volumes that Media Xpress books and the discounts we receive as a result,” he adds.

Over and above added value and media discounts Media Xpress also provides its clients with over R1-million worth of research, which enables them to target correct audiences via the most ideal media platforms.

“Our ultimate aim is to ensure that our clients consider the media options most relevant for their business objectives, and this is exactly what our research enables them to do,” he concludes.

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Media Xpress DNA

This full service media agency is part of the Primedia Lifestyle Group, a subsidiary of Primedia Lifestyle. Its offerings include media implementation, planning and buying support to clients in the retail field. Other services include post campaign analysis, campaign monitoring, trend analysis, consumer insight data analysis and full media account management. For more, visit www.primedialifestyle.co.za