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Mercedes Benz South Africa secures its fleet with Golf Unlimited

Golf Unlimited has signed up its first advertising truck brand, Mercedes Benz South Africa, and has been generating awareness around the company’s Freightliner and Fuso trucks amongst high-income earning golfers across the country since the 1st April 2013.


“Many of the golfers we reach either own or run a business and are responsible for making decisions about a company’s fleet,” says Golf Unlimited’s CEO, Pieter Groenewald. “It’s crucial that an advertiser’s messaging reaches the right eyes and ears and in the case of Golf Unlimited consumers, 80% of our golfers are actively involved in managing and directing businesses of which 20% being in the construction industry, 8% in distribution and 11% operating in retail.”

“In general, 64% of the players who see our communication make financial management decisions on a regular basis.”

“This makes Golf Unlimited’s national GPS advertising screens the ideal medium for Mercedes Benz South Africa to speak to its targeted audience and to generate awareness around its Freightliner and Fuso trucks,” he adds.

The campaign makes use of simple creative that attracts the attention of upper LSM consumers in Unlimited’s relevant marketing environment that’s free from clutter and competitor’s advertising messages.

“As Golf Unlimited’s GPS advertising screens are located inside golf carts across the country, the campaign will ensure significant reach for Mercedes Benz South Africa,” Groenewald concludes.

For more on Golf Unlimited visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za

Golf Unlimited

Targeting the LSM 14+ elite golfer, Primedia Unlimited company Golf Unlimited offers advertisers the unique opportunity to advertise on GPS units fitted in more than 1400 golf carts in thirty two (and growing) of South Africa’s 4- and 5-star golf courses. Through Golf Unlimited, advertisers have unprecedented access to a niche 550 000 high value golfers annually. Advertisers receive exclusive, uninterrupted exposure from the tee to the green with an unheard of dwell time of 14 minutes per advertiser on the course. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za for more.