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Mortality not soft soaped in washroom campaign
TLC Unlimited

A hard-hitting message with no frills and a tool that allows for an accurate measurement of return on investment was chosen by life investment company FRANK.NET for its TLC washroom advertising campaign.

Here today. Gone tomorrow. If you die, we pay up to R10-million reads the classic A4 poster placed in ladies’ washrooms in major airports and in men’s washrooms in LSM A malls around the country.

“The campaign aims to generate leads for FRANK.NET’s life policy offering. A QR Code and SMS line are provided for consumers wanting more information. This direct call to action allows the client to gauge how effective the campaign is in generating business leads, and eventually, to determine the conversion rate, which will speak to the quality of leads,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

Primedia Unlimited owned TLC introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996. “The simple but effective message will be easily absorbed by consumers visiting these traffic-dense washrooms,” says Tucker.

The campaign runs in September and October and targets male and female consumers in the top third of South African society (LSM 7-10).

For more information about TLC, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za. For more on FRANK.NET visit www.FRANK.NET

TLC Unlimited

TLC (Targeted Lifestyle Communication) introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996, and has since become the sole player in this media arena offering a plethora of in-mall and washroom advertising platforms such as standard and talking frames, cubicle wraps and treadmill branding to mention a few. More recently, TLC has expanded its portfolio to include a number of new businesses which are housed in TLC Unlimited (under Primedia Unlimited) namely TLC; GlamCam; Salon Media; TLC Mobile; Fitting Exposure (FashionCam) and Fotoactiv. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.tlc-media.co.za for more.