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Namaqua spreads the word through Brandyourcar.com

Primedia Unlimited company Brandyourcar.com’s first advertising campaign for an alcohol brand, Namaqua box wines, has proved successful by complementing Namaqua’s fleet of branded vehicles driven by its own reps with Brandyourcar.com brand ambassadors and drivers in Gauteng.

Brandyourcar.com’s drivers were invited to a briefing session on the advertiser and apart from being treated to a wine tasting, were equipped with knowledge to present the brand in their areas of influence in line with the advertiser’s brand image. They also received stock of the Namaqua box wine to trial and were encouraged to share their experiences on social network platforms Facebook and Twitter.

“To encourage a safe ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign our drivers also received free membership with Scooter Angels,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

The trendy creative execution drove the message home to Namaqua consumers in and around Gauteng that they can now get their Namaqua in a box.

“Only socially active and trendy female drivers, between the ages of 23 and 25, from our extensive database were selected to become brand ambassadors for the Namaqua brand. They frequently visit Soweto and other outlaying areas to ensure maximum exposure for Namaqua box wine,” says Ostrom.

“It has been amazing so far! I feel like a real celebrity with people even asking me if I sell Namaqua.  The branding is well designed and compliments my car very much – it’s very feminine,” says Brandyourcar.com driver Evelyn Potoona.

Running until November, the campaign is also ensuring exposure for Scooter Angels and thus a safe ride home for consumers.

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com