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Neilsen study shows Salon Media’s digital screens enjoy 85% noting
Salon Media

Neilsen has conducted a survey on behalf of Primedia Unlimited’s Salon Media to understand the interaction of salon customers that engage with its digital media advertising solutions.

In-salon marketing includes mirror decals, activations, sampling and more recently, digital screens, which operate in 50 premium salons with an average of between five and seven screens per salon.

“The survey concluded that our digital screens enjoy a noting of 85%” confirms Mary-Anne Lakin, General Manager of Salon Media. The company falls under the TLC Unlimited banner, which houses a number of related Primedia Unlimited businesses, including Salon Media.

She explains that the study was conducted on-site at eight premium affiliated salons in Gauteng, namely Le Looks Sandton, Devine Illusion, Frantic Fringe, Bijan, Pure Hair Design, Image Xpertz, Le Looks Eastgate and Danji over a three-day period.

Respondents – across the black, white, Indian and coloured ethnic groups – completed the surveys on their own, with a total of 480 completed. Respondents were mainly female with over two thirds younger than 45. The men who took part were on average younger the than women.

“The survey also revealed that customers are relaxed when in the salon and 90% have a positive and relaxed state of mind at that time. This is more than likely because salon loyalty is high and people trust their stylist,” says Lakin.

In terms of visit frequency, the study concluded that most respondents visit their stylist on a bi-monthly or monthly basis (34%), and frequent customers are more likely to have noticed digital screens and decals.

“The majority of respondents said that they paid attention to the advertising content (75%) and in addition, close to 9 out of 10 noticed the digital screens, with the majority stating that the content was interesting and entertaining,” she says.

Entertainment featured most strongly in the recall of advertising on Salon Media’s digital screens, whilst individual products had a lower recognition and movies in general had the highest spontaneous mention.

“When it comes to brand influence, half of the respondents said that they would consider making a purchase, of which 23% said they were influenced by the advertising. “In addition, 23% said they were persuaded by the advertising to purchase a specific product. This equates to one out of every four customers in a salon,” she adds.

Other interesting data from the study showed that WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat were the most popular social media platforms used.

In summary, the study showed that the more relaxed and positive the customer is, the more engaging digital screens are to them; morethan half might be persuaded to consider a product/brand purchase; that content is persuasive among a quarter of salon customers, and entertainment content in particular is noticed; and when it comes to communication, WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat should definitely be considered.