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no!no! says Yes Yes to washroom advertising
TLC Unlimited

First time advertisers HB Distributors, imports and distributors of the no!no! hair removal device, were extremely sceptical when Primedia Unlimited’s TLC business convinced them to advertise in the washroom. The post advertising results however, revealed over a million rand in sales for the company.

Neil Daitz, one of the owner’s of HB Distributors says, “After a two month campaign in 40 malls and nine ACSA airports on TLC’s washroom medium, I must say we were blown away by the results. In my experience with the platform, it evident that consumers have no negative perceptions of brands being in advertised in this space. Our product is one that needed to be put in front of the right consumer and we found that washroom was the perfect medium for us because it gave us dedicated time with our target market, was cost effective, and gave us bang for our buck.

I think you have to compare one medium over another which was part of the process. We established that 25% of people are using the washroom during their trip to a shopping centre with a far higher incidence in airport, gym, cinema etc but I find it more difficult to believe that one magazine may have 10 readers per copy. What TLC has provided is maximised brand recognition and access to a massive audience in a very short space of time.

Our view is that the simplicity of the medium works, it’s a great way to build a brand and we’d definitely use and continue to use the platform again.”

One of the most important factors in advertising is sales results. HB Distributors invested in a state of the art reporting system that allows them to monitor which media platform delivers on the sale of their product to a 90% accuracy rate. This is when the true extent of TLC’s platform came to fruition. At a cost of roughly R3 000 per product, no!no! is certainly aimed at a higher LSM profile. To date TLC has delivered over a million Rand in sales which is a sure indication that the platform can sell products marketed at most price points.

Mark Newstead, also one of the owner’s of HB Distributors concurs with his business partner. “I wasn’t convinced at all when we first started our campaign but my whole view has changed. I believe that the platform has massive reach with a wide audience. I think that while consumers are certainly bombarded with advertising, washroom is different, people seem to like it.

Our reach from the washroom platform was good value for money and our belief is that consumers are focused on the ad when they’re in that space, they’re not listening to the radio or reading emails or driving a car and watching traffic etc.

Shoppers really remembered our brand from the campaign we ran with TLC and the other aspect that we found very favourable is that we can target and communicate with the two sexes differently and separately. Our brand focuses on hair removal, which is quite an intimate topic and it deserves unique communication to women and different messaging to men which are 40% of our customers.

My verdict on TLC and washroom advertising is that the medium is unpretentious and simple, you see the ad, you read it, and if it’s relevant to you it’s an immediate call to action.

Being a fairly new business means that every ad Rand is precious and this platform has helped grow our business, given us great reach, and most importantly the ad campaign has converted to sales. We would absolutely re-use TLC.”

For more on the product visit www.nono.co.za