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Novartis uses X/procure® to communicate to pharmacists

In order to reach as many pharmacists as possible, pharmaceutical company Novartis Consumer Health opted to use Primedia Unlimited’s X/procure® platforms to communicate that the brands Degoran and Vibrocil were back in stock.

“As any marketer is aware, as soon as brands are back in stock after a period of absence, it becomes critical to inform the user of its availability again as quickly as possible,” says X/procure®’s Sales and Marketing Director Campbell Graham. “As such, Novartis had to communicate to pharmacists in the shortest period of time, that brands Degoran and Vibrocil were again available for ordering.”

Says Novartis’ Christine Brassel, “I used X/procure® as the vehicle for a quick, effective and extensive means of informing pharmacists and pharmacy buyers about the return to in-stock, after extended out of stock periods for both Degoran and Vibrocil. In addition, the platforms allowed pharmacies to replenish their stock and meet the needs of their customers and patients.”

To create top-of-mind awareness in corporate and independent pharmacies, Intervention adverts, weekly HTML messages, screensavers and banner adverts were used. The Intervention advert displays on the ordering system (pops up) when competitor products in the category are ordered.

“The Intervention ad provides a constant reminder to the pharmacist, while HTML messages, screensavers and banner ads ensure that a general awareness of the brand is built,” says Graham. “Our platforms offer a cost effective and innovative method to communicate to the people that matter in the pharmacy.”