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Premium alcohol brand putts a birdie with the premium market

Premium whiskey brand Glenlivet has hit the perfect advertising shot across to the discerning LSM 14+ golfer though Golf Unlimited – the Unlimited division which holds exclusive advertising rights on digital golf cart GPS units across 33 of the country’s finest four and five star golf courses. Having secured a three month ‘18th hole’ promotion, the campaign is the first of its kind for the Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
To ensure that the brand remains top of mind and consequently becomes the whisky of choice once players reach half way house, Glenlivet uses clear and simple creative to engage with the upper echelon golfers.
James Ferrans, Golf Unlimited’s Head of Sales says, “Golfers on four and five star courses fall into the upper most LSM categories and as a result, enjoy the finer whiskeys on the market. Realising the benefit of advertising on the golf cart GPS units, Glenlivet signed up with Golf Unlimited so that it could communicate with its target market during their leisure time on the 18th hole, prior to arrival at the point of purchase.”

Installed at eye-level on the golf carts, the GPS units display information such as the distance to the green and any obstacles golfers may have in their path. Underneath the pertinent information, Golf Unlimited offers exclusive and uninterrupted advertising exposure, equating to 14 minutes of shrink back branding per hole, from the tee to the green.