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Primall Media does it in Chinese for UnionPay
Primall Media

UnionPay International, the bank card utilised at Standard Bank and First National Bank ATM’s around the country, has enlisted the expertise of Primedia Unlimited’s mall advertising specialists Primall Media to encourage its Chinese cardholders to utilise their cards in the mall and receive substantial discounts in the process. 

“That majority of UnionPay cardholders are of Chinese origin so it became crucial that we offered the advertiser a campaign that communicated both in English and in Chinese,” says Deshendri Reddy, Executive Head: Sales at Primall Media. 

Cardholders will be receiving remarkable discounts from selected retailers in the Sandton region and its surrounds for the duration of the four month campaign.

“For a targeted campaign such as this we recommended a digital campaign on our digital skyscrapers and mall directories that offer low production costs but quick turnaround and high visibility to shoppers,” she says. “These digital platforms are great for maximum reach and frequency and they also allowed the advertiser to direct their cardholders directly to participating merchants within the mall.”  

“The campaign is proving to be incredibly successful, and is generating interest from prospective consumers and merchants alike. UnionPay has confirmed that retail spend on their cards has increased since the campaign began,” says Deshendri.

“One of the great advantages of mall media are the fantastic insights into shoppers and buyer behaviour we have researched which allows us to target our consumers very specifically and know that no shopper is the same, or speaks the same language.” 

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