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Primall Media generates awareness for BlackBerry’s Z10
Primall Media

Primedia Unlimited’s Primall Media, South Africa’s premier shopping mall advertising specialist, has secured BlackBerry’s mall advertising campaign to spread the word about its new offering, the BlackBerry Z10.

Primall Media’s BlackBerry campaign kicked off in February, with a teaser campaign to generate awareness around BlackBerry’s new proposition that was soon to be launched in South Africa. The campaign continues with new creative which talks to the new Z10’s features.

“BlackBerry wanted to generate hype around its BB10 offering, prior to it being launched, and the creative promoted the fact that the BlackBerry Z10 was coming soon,” says Primall Media’s Deshendri Reddy. “As a second phase, the creative was refreshed and focused on further details of the new handset.”

“Because BlackBerry wanted exposure for its new phone at multiple touch points around the shopping mall environment, we suggested that the advertiser select a bouquet of our media platforms to get the message across in top malls like Sandton, Gateway, Canal Walk and the V&A,” says Deshendri.

“The use of multiple formats across the mall environment holds the consumer’s interest, builds reach and frequency for the campaign, and targets consumers in an environment where they not only have the time to learn all about the phone’s features, but are able to purchase it there and then as well,” she says.

For more information about Primall Media, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za.

Primall Media

Primall Media is South Africa’s premier mall advertising company, delivering a range of interactive and static visual media options in quintessential retail spaces, which directly influence purchase decisions in the shopping environment. The national footprint of super regional malls allows for a touch point to virtually all of SA’s LSM 8-10 market in an environment where shopping and entertainment prevail. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za for more.