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Primall Media gets consumers’ noses twitching
Primall Media

Seductive scents deserve awesome advertising. Primall Media, Primedia Unlimited’s shopping mall advertising specialist, heightened consumers’ senses whenever a new fragrance was launched by African Sales Company (ASCO) during 2013.  

Primall Media utilised hanging banners, escalator branding and interior billboards to create impact and brand dominance in the retail environment when fragrances by Cavalli, Versace, Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, Prada and Valentina were introduced to South African consumers by ASCO, a major distributor of fine fragrances.

“Consumers could not miss the very visual messages which were strategically positioned at points of purchase, including major fashion and fragrance stores,” says Primall Media’s Lee Curtis.

“Various one-month campaigns were booked over the course of 2013, and appealed to both men and women of higher LSM groups, depending on the specific fragrance being launched,” he adds.