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Primall Media guarantees an ‘open and shut case’ of consumer engagement for Cadbury Dairy Milk
Primall Media

Cadbury Dairy Milk is setting a serious consumer engagement trend with the launch of the first re-sealable chocolate packaging in South Africa. This is mainly due to the interactive advertising mediums the brand has selected to communicate its new offering.

Primall Media Executive Head Sales and Marketing Lee Curtis explains; “The idea behind the campaign is to inform consumers about the ‘resealability’ of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging. To achieve this, a range of innovative OOH media options have been utilised including: Video Walls, Lift Doors, Touch Screens and Exterior Billboards.

“For example, lift doors are a great example of the creativity that has been made possible through the use of these platforms. They represent the perfect advertising medium, given that they open and close in the same way the packaging does.”

Curtis points out that one of the best aspects of the campaign is that the creative was designed with the specific mall media types in mind. “This is refreshing as most brands just resize their print artwork, without giving much consideration to the mall environment or the unique features of the media format.”

Looking at the use of the Primall media platform from a media strategy perspective Carat’s Ilsa Grabe says; “The new re-sealable Cadbury Dairy Milk packaging needed to be communicated through high traffic platforms where consumers, close to the point of purchase, had the opportunity to view it in a highly visible and entertaining manner,” she explains.

Given that the Cadbury Dairy Milk Re-sealable packaging is already available in stores the campaign will run until 31 October 2012 at: Sandton City, Johannesburg; the N1 City Mall in Cape Town and The Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban.