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Primall Media reinforces Elizabeth Arden as the go-to skincare specialist
Primall Media

The primary objective for Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating campaign is to reinforce the consumer’s associations of the brand as the go-to skincare regimen that addresses all causes of uneven skin tone

In order to achieve this and continue building identifiable brand awareness, Elizabeth Arden had to develop an integrated marketing strategy, in which Primedia Unlimited’s mall advertising company Primall Media, played an integral part.

“Elizabeth Arden’s Skin Illuminating communication will be widely advertised on our interactive digital screens throughout select malls in South Africa,” says Primall’s Lee Curtis. “We are focusing our communication in the actual environments where the consumer’s final purchasing decision takes place.”

Showcasing the latest advertising visuals and featuring Elizabeth Arden Africa’s newly announced brand ambassador Adeola Ariyo, Primall’s digital screens will help catch the attention of passersby to generate interest around the brand.

Upon interaction with the screen, the user is prompted to visit the nearest Elizabeth Arden counter (located within the mall) to receive a personal skincare consultation with one of Elizabeth Arden’s skincare experts. It provides the opportunity for consumers to take action immediately, thereby capitalising on their impulse purchases and actions.