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Primall Media whets consumers’ appetite for Simonsberg cheese
Primall Media

Primall Media’s advertising campaign for Parmalat, one of the major players in the South African dairy industry, spoke directly to consumer’s appetites with its latest advertising creative for Simonsberg’s cheese range.

Running for a period of three months, the advertising campaign, booked and planned through Starcom and Nu Venture Media, utilised the Primedia Unlimited owned Primall Media’s high-impact media sites inside selected shopping malls and strategically, close to the point of purchase.

“The creative was geared to remind consumers that the Simonsberg cheese range is available at retailers, with the purpose of shoppers adding Simonsberg to their trolleys,” says Primall Media’s Lee Curtis. “The advertising was carefully planned to be displayed just outside Pick n Pay and Checkers stores.”

For more information about Primall Media, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za.

Primall Media

Primall Media is South Africa’s premier mall advertising company, delivering a range of interactive and static visual media options in quintessential retail spaces, which directly influence purchase decisions in the shopping environment. The national footprint of super regional malls allows for a touch point to virtually all of SA’s LSM 8-10 market in an environment where shopping and entertainment prevail. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za for more.