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Primall’s parkade media platforms capture M-Net viewers
Primall Media

M-Net has selected Primedia Unlimited’s mall advertising division, Primall Media and its dominant parkade advertising sites in Montecasino and the Menlyn Park shopping centre to promote a host of new TV shows in a consumer engaging campaign that runs until March 2014.

“M-Net wanted to effectively utilise our platforms to promote several new shows to increase viewership, and capture consumer attention, particularly in the parkade areas as these platforms engage consumers as they come into the centre and are the last thing they see on their way home, prompting a further reminder of what they can view on the box when they get home,” says Primall Media’s Sales Manager Deshendri Reddy.

Targeting current and potential M-Net viewers and DStv subscribers, the campaign makes a dominant impact in an otherwise unbranded advertising space.

The campaign creative will be changed regularly to ensure maximum exposure for all of M-Net’s new shows.

“The creative’s beautiful imagery and strong colours, in an otherwise dark environment engages patrons and leaves a lasting impression by taking them back to their ‘home’ space,” she says. “An advertising campaign is made more effective by securing a media platform holding up front for longer periods of time, as M-Net has done because it allows brand longevity in the consumer’s mind. Used in conjunction with excellent creative, brands have a winning combination,” she adds.

For more information about Primall Media, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za.