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Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services scoops 2012 Spectrum Award
Primedia Lifestyle Group

Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services has won this year’s prestigious South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) Spectrum Award for its multi faceted Right Royal Affair campaign. This follows the entry being judged the overall Footprint Marketing Award winner for 2012 and hence the winner of the SACSC’s prestigious Spectrum Award.

Primedia Lifestyle Group MD Doug Mayne says; “Our win of the most prestigious award in South African shopping centre marketing circles validates our position as the leading shopping centre marketing consultancy in the country.

“This is borne out by the fact that this year has seen us win five international Solal awards, 16 Foot Print Awards, six of ten highly coveted Gold Footprint awards and now the highly coveted Spectrum award.”

The winning Right Royal Affair campaign was based on the fact that Gateway wanted to take its annual Vodacom Durban July campaign and grow it from a typical fashion show into a day and night entertainment extravaganza supported by an integrated six week build up campaign and massive entertainment offering. As a result ‘A Right Royal Affair’ was born.

The campaign encompassed a number of innovative elements, most noteworthy of which were: 5fm and its flagship Fresh Drive broadcasting live at Gateway, the Fashion Preview Show that showcased top local designers and a free local music concert.

Gateway Marketing Manager Penny Barlow explains that the ability of the ‘Right Royal Affair’ to secure cash sponsorship hinges off a strategy of developing campaigns into brands that was developed by Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services four years ago. “This is now starting to secure interest from top brands and reinforcing malls as high effective, return on investment sponsorship and activation platforms.

“In this particular case the ‘Right Royal Affair’ campaign leveraged off the fact that the Vodacom Durban July is one of the biggest events in Durban that attracts local and national visitors. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to take advantage of this highly publicised platform, with an annual campaign that represents great brand-event affiliation,” reports Barlow.

Key partners that allowed this to happen include the City of Durban/Ethekweni Municipality and national radio station 5fm.

Overall, Mayne adds that one of the most pleasing aspects of the Primedia Lifestyle Group’s achievements at this year’s various award events was clear evidence of the benefits derived from the synergy of the various businesses within the group. For example, the fact that creative agency Red Pixel worked on all but four of the winning campaigns and CRM/digital specialist Source produced an app and Facebook tab for the campaign. This involvement stems from the close partnership between this creatively aligned business and the other units within the Primedia Lifestyle Group.