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Primedia Unlimited boasts only legal Tuk Tuk initiative in SA

Primedia Unlimited’s agile and adaptable sales structure has allowed it to turn a worthwhile corporate social investment initiative into a commercially viable partnership for client Shesha Tuks and advertiser Old Mutual

Although there are a few other small Tuk Tuk operators, Primedia Unlimited has secured the exclusive advertising rights for the Tuk Tuk passenger initiative in Sandton, offering advertiser Old Mutual the largest number of  branded Tuk Tuks in the country that are legally operated.

These vehicles are traditionally associated with the bustling streets of cities like Mumbai or Kinshasa but can now be seen in the heart of Sandton following a lengthy two and a half year battle to secure the appropriate licences and despite the challenge of it being a highly capital intensive project upfront.

Primedia Unlimited’s CEO Ken Varejes says; “Old Mutual came on board and recognised that this is more than just advertising, it’s a transport solution as well as a job creation project for the 25 Tuk Tuk drivers and we’re extremely proud to be the initiator of this project.”

Old Mutual’s Ralebitso Mohale explains; “We chose to get involved because the Tuk Tuks not only offer a convenient and much needed service in the catchment area while creating new employment opportunities with added environmental impact benefits, but offer us a unique opportunity to deliver focussed messages to an attractive audience.

The Tuk Tuks break through the clutter. Dealing with the Primedia Unlimited team was an absolute delight as the starting point was to understand Old Mutual’s strategic communication objectives and underlying message content rather than disposing of media inventory. It was a very client-centric approach indeed and a healthy spirit of partnership!”

“Overall, the Old Mutual Foundation recognised that the Shesha Tuks isn’t only about advertising but is also a transport solution and job creation initiative that sees 25 drivers literally on the road to a brighter future,” Ken adds.