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Primedia Unlimited keeps Standard Bank ‘Moving Forward’, literally

South Africa’s largest group of out of home companies, Primedia Unlimited, has secured a deal with Standard Bank that sees 33 branded Tuk Tuk vehicles dominating the Sandton and Rosebank areas for the foreseeable future. 

Primedia Unlimited has secured the exclusive advertising rights for the passenger initiative since inception in Sandton, offering advertisers the largest number of branded, legally operated Tuk Tuks in the country.

Primedia Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald says, “The Standard Bank campaign has been translated quite literally to ‘Moving Forward’ in terms of transporting future and current Standard Bank customers. The Tuk Tuk drivers who earn a living driving these vehicles, and who are essentially franchisee owners, also benefit by enhancing and progressing their own lives.”

Jenny Pheiffer, Head Group: Brand and Sponsorships at Standard Bank echoes these sentiments. “Standard Bank understands that everyone moves forward in different ways – whether it’s paying for your child’s education or putting your name on that door – but the thing we all have in common is how good we feel when we do.”

The Tuk Tuks are a very literal representation of Moving Forward, but if Standard Bank can help move people from A to B, then that’s great too.  These vehicles are essentially moving billboards, so the platform ties in nicely with our media strategy to innovate in outdoor,” she says.

“We wanted the Tuk Tuks to be light, bright and fun so we introduced our very recognizable electric blue, and a few other colours into the branding to jazz them up.

We have just moved into our beautiful new green building in Rosebank, so to be able to give back to the community through the Tuk Tuks and the entrepreneurs that drive them has been a win win.”

The 33 branded vehicles can be seen in and around Sandton and Rosebank and their unique shape makes them hard to ignore.

In addition to the exterior branding opportunity, Standard Bank has also secured a 30 sec TVC on the digital screens located inside the vehicles which operate seven days a week and on public holidays depending on requirements and bookings.