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Primedia Unlimited’s Tuk Tuk’s offer real empowerment

Primedia Unlimited’s involvement with the Shesha Tuks initiative offers marketer’s more than just an advertising platform – these mobile units are in essence a much needed transport solution as well as a job creation project. 

Primedia Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald says: “The Tuk Tuk initiative operates within the heart of South Africa’s most influential business districts Sandton and Rosebank. Over the past few years, especially with the launch of the Gautrain, we’ve seen a definite need for such a solution and our latest advertiser Standard Bank has had enormous synchronicity with the platform utilising its Moving Forward slogan.”

The Standard Bank campaign has been translated quite literally to ‘Moving Forward’ in terms of transporting future and current Standard Bank customers. The Tuk Tuk drivers who operate as franchisees earn a living driving these vehicles and also benefit by enhancing and progressing their own businesses and lives,” says Pieter.

The Tuk Tuk franchisees are encouraged to complete as many trips as possible and to provide commuters with an experience second to none. The more fares the drivers generate, the more profits they make. In addition, drivers receive full support from Shesha Tuks, the franchisor in terms of permits, booking systems, vehicle maintenance, their corporate image, public and passenger liability insurance etc. whilst they go about their daily work.

The 33 branded vehicles can be seen in and around Sandton and Rosebank and their unique shape makes them hard to ignore. To date 756 000 kilometres have been travelled between 25 of the vehicles with each Tuk Tuk travelling an average of 62 kilometres per day in this confined area.

“Together with Shesha Tuks we followed a four year process to ensure that we comply with stringent processes to secure licenses through the appropriate channels,” he says, “ensuring that these vehicles operate within the strict guidelines for passenger transport vehicles as set out by the transport authorities.” In addition to the exterior branding opportunity, the Tuk Tuk’s also offer 30 second TVC’s on the digital screens located inside the vehicles.

The Tuk Tuk’s operate seven days a week and on public holidays depending on requirements and bookings. The vehicles make between 15 – 18 trips per day carrying maximum of two people. The majority of trips are to destinations within a 3 kilometre radius.