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Primestars Marketing – Educational Theatres of Learning

Primestars Marketing develops programmes for high school learners from underprivileged communities which use cinemas nationally as “Educational Theatres of Learning”. Topics include Matric Math & Science Revision, Career Guidance and Financial Literacy amongst others.

They are designed to help South African youth develop the skills needed to participate more meaningfully in the economy and are conducive to building a sustainable environment in which business can operate.

This unique medium offers learners the opportunity to be taught in a fun and experiential manner and allows for great brand exposure, as well as talent identification. By supporting these programmes companies have the means of giving back to communities by educating disadvantaged learners in a safe and neutral environment outside of schools.

These projects run on selected Sunday mornings all over the country with the assistance of the Department of Basic Education, key strategic partners and sponsors. We have reached over 150,000 previously disadvantaged Secondary School learners across the country.