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Puma leverages tactical nature of Golf Unlimited media platform

The tactical nature of the Golf Unlimited advertising platform has been proven to great effect by a recurring, national campaign on 4- and 5- star golf courses for client Puma. Cleverly, the campaign was designed to co-incide with the bi-annual Golfers Warehouse sale and in that way drive sales of Puma golf products at the most opportune moment.
Golf Unlimited MD Pieter Groenewald comments; “Puma has often made use of our platform not just because of its flexible nature but also because of its ability to speak to golfers while they play golf in a pristine, relaxing, uncluttered advertising environment.”

Within this scenario Puma communicated the fact that because golf is such a challenging sport requiring skill and precision, Puma offers cutting edge equipment that gives golfers the best chance to play their best. The big idea behind the particular campaign was therefore to keep the creative simple but striking to capture the target market’s attention.

Looking at the environment in which the message was consumed Groenewald says; “The premium environment, results in extremely low wastage on advertising spend. This is due to the fact that the platform exclusively targets golfers who can afford these golfing products, namely upper LSM males, most of whom occupy highly influential management positions.

“This is borne out by recent GU research that found that 70% of our audience is in senior management or an owner or director of a company, while 89% either influence decisions or are major decision makers within their business,” reveals Groenewald.
In addition, golfers were also exposed to ads that had never been flighted on a media platform before and they were only exposed to that ad on one hole. Following this, an incredible 50% of the players who came off the course could recall the ads without being prompted and when prompted, 77% could which proves the efficacy of this form of advertising.