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Red Heart Rum cranks up the volume with TLC
TLC Unlimited

Want to ensure your advertising message is not missed? Then place it on a mirror in a public washroom.

Red Heart Rum has done just that with Primedia Unlimited company TLC’s washroom mirror decal campaign that incorporates great creative with a call to action – an SMS competition line.

You could win a trip worth R150 000 to see any band, anywhere reads the creative that cleverly incorporates the consumer’s reflection in the centre of the artwork.

“With a prize that fabulous and a generation of South Africans whose fingers are seldom parted from their mobiles, immediate entry into the competition is very likely,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

“The out-of-home advertiser’s message is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore, and because you have the viewer’s undivided attention, recall rates are high. Mirror decals in particular are great in terms of getting consumers to interact with the campaign,” says Tucker.

The off-trade promotion of the ‘Red Heart Win a Trip to Any Band Anywhere’ competition aims to drive consumers from general lifestyle venues to stores that sell Red Heart Rum.

The extensive campaign runs for two months and targets both genders in the 18 to 35 age group who are in the LSM 8 -10 bracket. Mirror decals have been placed in male and female washrooms in airports across South Africa; while A4 posters and Mirror Media have been used in all TLC’s Nightlife venues (264 venues across five nightlife categories).

Visit www.facebook.com/RedHeartRum to get more information on the competition, or click here to enter directly: http://on.fb.me/1533FAy