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Red Pixel develops and implements 3D window displays
Red Pixel

In any newly developed super regional mall, tenants take occupation at different times during the year. To create various open spaces at Cradlestone Mall into a showcase, Primedia Lifestyle Group’s creative studio Red Pixel, also a subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited, created inviting 3D window displays to create a more pleasant and inviting environment.

According to Stuart Hill, Creative Director of Red Pixel, “The main objective of the project was to create beautiful 3D window display areas that would showcase various elements expected in a shopping mall, for example, hairdressers, fashion stores and shoe boutiques. The second objective was to ensure that the interim vacant stores did not appear empty.”

“These vinyls are highly impactful visual communication tools and can be used for an array of messages,” says Stuart.

“They can be used to communicate coming tenants while the store is undergoing its shop-fitting, or purely to enhance the shopping environment. In addition the empty space can be used as an additional advertising space to generate revenue for the mall. One thing is for sure – they have far more visual appeal than the usual window paper that is typically used to advertise vacant stores,” he says.

The three dimensional artwork illustrates a complete shop in a space that would traditionally be empty, thereby creating a sense of belonging and completing the entire visual picture of what the mall would look like.

“Many positive comments were made by both the tenants in the centre and by the public regarding the concept of the 3D window displays. These will more than likely be implemented in other malls with similar vacant shop fronts,” says Stuart.