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Revlon gives women a little TLC
TLC Unlimited

Revlon selected Primedia Unlimited’s indoor advertising specialists, TLC Unlimited, to run its ‘be photo ready in any light’ advertising campaign for its new Photoready™ Primer, Shadow and Sparkle eye shadow which enables consumers to create limitless looks with one palette.

The main objective of the advertising campaign running on TLC’s Mirror Decals and A3 Frames, in the change rooms of the top 41 Premium Edgars stores where Revlon is stocked and sold, is to speak to image conscious women who have disposable income available to spoil themselves.

“The campaign works as there’s little wastage in an uncluttered advertising environment,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

Each Photoready™ Primer, Shadow and Sparkle palette features a primer, three highly pigmented eye shadows, and a sparkle top coat. Consumers can use it wet for more colour intensity, or add a sparkle top coat for a multi-dimensional, intensely shimmering effect.

“The campaign brings across the message that women can ‘be photo ready in any light. There’s no better place to communicate this message than in a change room with traditionally terrible fluorescent lighting and in a store that stocks the brand,” says Tucker.

“Our media platforms speak to the right consumers at the right time, as they are already shopping and actively looking to spend money on themselves,” he adds.

For more information about TLC, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za.

TLC Unlimited

TLC (Targeted Lifestyle Communication) introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996, and has since become the sole player in this media arena offering a plethora of in-mall and washroom advertising platforms such as standard and talking frames, cubicle wraps and treadmill branding to mention a few. More recently, TLC has expanded its portfolio to include a number of new businesses which are housed in TLC Unlimited (under Primedia Unlimited) namely TLC; GlamCam; Salon Media; TLC Mobile; Fitting Exposure (FashionCam) and Fotoactiv. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.tlc-media.co.za for more.