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Salon Media targets specific language demographics
Salon Media

Primedia Unlimited’s in-salon advertising business, Salon Media, is able to accurately target specific demographics as illustrated in its current campaign for Times Media Film’s latest Afrikaans movie release ‘Mooirivier’. 

“The primary objective was to target Afrikaans speaking South Africans,” says Kylie Henry, Internal Sales Manager at Salon Media. “It is a well known advertising fact that people are more receptive to advertising when spoken to in their mother tongue.”

The same holds true when creating hype for a local South African Afrikaans movie. “Considering the movie has a romantic theme, Times Media Films were able to target predominantly Afrikaans areas in spaces normally associated with women through the use of Salon Media advertising platforms,” says Kylie. “The decals and digital media used within the salons created talking points and successfully promoted the upcoming feature leading up to Valentine’s Day.”

‘Mooirivier’ is an all-in-one romantic film with five individual, intertwined story lines revolving around six couples, between the ages of 12 and 40, who, in their unique ways, are all in search of true love.