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Sandoz SA signs 12-month advertising campaign with X/procure®

Pharmaceutical giant Sandoz SA has signed a 12-month electronic advertising campaign with Unlimited’s pharmaceutical advertising specialist X/procure® enabling it to promote a host of scheduled products direct to pharmacists, both prior and during the ordering process.

This year long campaign includes intervention adverts, HTML Messages, Banner Adverts and Screen Savers. Intervention advertising allows pharmaceutical companies the opportunity of promoting products similar to those the pharmacist is interested in purchasing or re-stocking at point of purchase. As the pharmacist places his order the system highlights other products with the same active ingredients, offering the pharmacist an alternative.

X/procure® MD JD Henderson says; “Static advertising is achieved through the Banner Ads and Screen Savers reminding pharmacists of the various products available for them through Sandoz SA. The Intervention Advertising campaign creates maximum exposure for a client’s product within their respective categories as orders are placed. This allows the client to increase market share against competitors and ultimately increase sales.”

Scheduled drugs are only allowed to be advertised direct to pharmacists and X/procure® ensures pharmaceutical companies are able to target products directly at the pharmacies.