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Security company takes to the washrooms
TLC Unlimited

As the Easter holidays approach, consumers are more aware of their security measures and needs as they prepare to head off on holiday and leave their homes and possessions in the care of security companies.

“Taking advantage of this mindset and understanding that the people who remain at home will probably spend more time in malls and movies, saw DGM Consulting advertise their EC Security brand in the cinema environment,” says TLC Unlimited’s Group MD Brett Tucker.

As a purely regional communication campaign, TLC, a Primedia Unlimited company, provided the most cost effective option to DGM Consulting by only advertising in Clearwater Mall within the Numetro cinema. After the first month of standard A4 frame advertising the creative will move to mirror decals, maximising the effect of the movie themed creative.

Through the use of QR codes, the campaign will target the tech-savvy consumer that owns up-to-date technology and who would make use of these security services.

“One of the main campaign objectives over the two months is for consumers to start recognising the EC Security logo,” says Brett, “This in itself is the principle behind creating any brand awareness campaign. With more awareness, the logo will become instantly recognisable and immediately register with consumers.”

As the washroom is not a place where one would expect any security advertising, the brand has, very cost effectively, broken through the clutter to deliver a clear and succinct message to its target market.