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‘Silent’ praise for XP Digital™ from Omega Labs
XP Digital

Due to excellent brand awareness and sales, Omega Labs extended its advertising campaign for another year with Unlimited’s XP Digital™ for its brand Silence, an anti-snoring solution.

 XP Digital™ is an innovative media owner that holds the exclusive advertising rights to 42-inch HD screens located at dispensaries in Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide.

“Being a new company that’s been in existence for only a handful of months, we needed to create awareness and start sales as quickly as possible. We got in contact with XP Digital™, which provided us with an excellent solution, namely Dischem In-store TV,” says Omega Labs Brand Manager, Mari-Lize du Toit.

“Not only did they go above and beyond the call of duty to get us quotations as soon as possible, but their rates were also extremely accommodating, particularly for a brand new company.

This has been an exceptionally effective marketing tool, and I can say this with confidence as we saw an almost immediate effect on sales when our contract period expired. Once we realised this, we immediately signed another 12 months! Sales are now normalising and increasing again. What a pleasure dealing with people as professional and obliging as those at XP Digital™. I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial road together,” she adds.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Omega Labs, and we look forward to further increasing its brand sales in the future,” adds XP Digital™’s JD Henderson.

Silence acts on the root cause of snoring, the throat, and has a fourfold function that keeps the throat lubricated, remains active throughout the night, reduces vibrations in the throat and provides a therapeutic benefit.

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xprocure.com.