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SourceCRM wins international marketing award

Primedia Unlimited’s integrated digital customer relationship management software solutions provider SourceCRM, has been acknowledged with an international ICSC Solal Marketing Award which recognises excellence in retail marketing campaigns.

SourceCRM is a digital customer experience solutions service provider focused on creating marketing cutting edge digital solutions within the mall property, retail and brand environment. With over 30 years combined experience in the information technologies, marketing, advertising and media industries, the primary focus is on integrating the necessary disciplines including design, IT, marketing, software and business processes.

Their skill set resides in creating solutions that serve as catalysts in growing trading densities that are revenue generating for the mall.

The ICSC Solal Marketing Awards are seen as a global benchmark of quality throughout the retail industry. The platforms SourceCRM developed were awarded two silver award respectively for ‘Gateway VIP launch’ and ‘Gateway Hotel Takeover’.

The Hotel Takeover campaign was embarked on in order to create awareness for Gateway Theatre of shopping as a destination, as well as to launch the hotel. SourceCRM created an interactive digital platform for participant’s to engage in to enter the competition.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” enthuses Chantal Grotto, Executive: Client Services at Source. “The winning campaigns were executed for the Gateway Theatre of Shopping Centre with each campaign’s objective being to increase the centre’s engagement with its customers and to make the process of shopping at Gateway more enjoyable and rewarding for shoppers.”

“Gateway Theatre of Shopping was the first mall in South Africa to roll out with the VIP Loyalty program”, said Chantal Grotto, “that allows shoppers to earn and burn points for their patronage to the mall”. The foundation of the program is to provide shoppers with benefits and special offers pertinent to their lifestyle and shopping behaviour.

“Customer relationship management platforms and innovative, interactive digital offerings that SourceCRM provides our portfolio of shopping centres adds enormous measurable value in the form of supporting in centre marketing or as a standalone communication effort,” she says.