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Synaleve selects X/procure® to relaunch into the market

Primedia Unlimited’s pharmaceutical advertising and communication specialist, X/procure®, is re-launching Adcock Ingram’s Synaleve, an effective analgesic into the market via a one-month launch package and a two-week competition.

The X/procure® advertising campaign targets pharmacists via X/procure®’s electronic procurement software adverts that draw their attention to Synaleve whilst they are online ordering other stock.

“By introducing a one month educational drive followed by a two week competition, Adcock Ingram benefits from the interaction between pharmacist and brand, rather than them simply seeing the advertising and either acting on it or not. This means of communication is further enhanced by our software because it has been developed in such a way that it is direct communication with pharmacists, at the time when they are looking to replenish their stock and while they’re deciding which brands to favour,” says JD Henderson, MD of X/procure®.

Sunita Jugamohan, Adcock Ingram’s Brand Manager for Pain, explains that Synaleve was taken off the market after its initial launch but is now back in action.

“The product has been taken through a stringent validation to ensure the process is infallible and consistent, and we have also invested in new equipment that ensures a high quality product. The outcome has been an improved process of manufacturing for Synaleve and we are 100% certain that we can now meet market demands, hence the re-launch,” she adds.

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X/procure®’s ever increasing national footprint enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies which utilise electronic procurement software, to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors. X/procure® facilitates electronic advertising directly to the pharmacist, allowing advertisers the unique opportunity to present and promote their products at the time the buying and ordering decisions are made. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.xprocure.com for more.