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TLC airport washrooms get a boost of Efferflu C Immune Booster
TLC Unlimited

Giving your immune system a boost prior to and during travelling when you are in close proximity to other people, especially in a cramped aeroplane, is a great way to ensure your health. Pharma Dynamics’ Efferflu C Immune Booster has therefore placed its trust in Unlimited’s washroom advertising specialist, TLC, to get this message across to consumers in the airport environment.

Two different creative executions have been designed for the Efferflu C Immune Booster advertising campaign, which plays on advertising in the airport space.

The first advert flights in April and encourages consumers to enter EfferfluC’s Twitter competition to stand in line to win R70000 to spend on a once-in-a-lifetime experience of their choice, whilst the second is a generic airport advert that will be live from May to July and promotes the use of Efferflu C Immune Booster.

The campaign targets LSM 8-10, female consumers aged between 25 and 45, but the Twitter competition speaks directly to the younger portion of this target audience.

“TLC’s A4 washroom advertising frames sport the Efferflu C Immune Booster creative in all nine ACSA airports across the country,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

“Consumer dwell time is key when it comes to getting consumers to engage with the messaging. This is even more important with creative that includes a competition element as consumers need to be able to take out their cellphone and enter. Airport washrooms are thus the ideal advertising space for this campaign,” says Tucker.

For more information about TLC, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za.