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TLC extends reach to LSM 3 – 7 market
TLC Unlimited

As part of its strategic expansion into previously unserviced markets Unlimited subsidiary TLC has launched a variety of washroom media products into more than 20 so called ‘LSM C Malls’ in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal and the Free State.

TLC MD Brett Tucker says; “The limited amount of media available in outlying regions can restrict access to the highly desirable LSM 3 -7 target market via out of home media formats.
“At present this market’s primary media interaction is limited to fragmented billboards, PBS television channels, vernacular radio and regional print offerings. Despite this, all of these media types have extremely healthy audiences with Zulu newspaper Isolezwe for example, recording ongoing record growth in its readership figures,” he explains.

TLC has therefore realised the value of this market’s relationship with the media and the fact that it’s far ‘hungrier’ for new offerings than the highly saturated, upper LSM markets.
“The diversification of our offerings has also been driven by the needs of our clients, many of whom – particularly those in the FMCG sector – are currently heavily focused on gaining greater access to the ‘mass’ LSM 3 – 7 market,” reports Tucker.

One of the first clients to utilise TLC’s new LSM C platform was DStv for its new Compact channel offering which is targeted at exactly the shoppers who frequent the LSM C malls within TLC’s new coverage area.
In line with its LSM C focus, TLC also recently launched advertising into taverns and other high traffic avenues in this demographic sector. A large international pharmaceutical company has already used the platform to reach its desired target market during a three month campaign with utilisation of vending machines. “Critical mass, sampling and unique exposure to the middle LSM market was achieved with this project” says Tucker.