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TLC gives Dynafil a ‘lift’
TLC Unlimited

Dwell time becomes one of the main factors when deciding on how to communicate a relatively abstract message to consumers. In this instance, one specifically targeted at men.

This is where Primedia Unlimited’s TLC business makes the connection between brand and consumer. For its Dynafil campaign, TLC utilised A4 frames within the washrooms of 10 high end malls, 24 Netcare Clinics and 33 Medicross Clinics around the country.

Considering that Dynafil is a Schedule 4 pharmaceutical, the challenge arises when the laws prohibit the use of the drug’s name and what its uses are in a singular advertising message. In order to communicate the cost effectiveness of the drug, Dynafil felt that the overriding media objectives needed to be a longer dwell time where males could absorb and process the message.

The aim of the message was to highlight the cost effectiveness of the drug and to get people to ask their doctors about the product.

“Due to the nature of the product a slightly longer campaign of three months was recommended and will run from June through August,” says Brett Tucker, Group MD of TLC Unlimited.