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TLC puts Lip Ice on everyone’s lips this season
TLC Unlimited

Incolabs has selected the ideal environment in Primedia Unlimited’s washroom advertising platforms by TLC, to reach its consumers ahead of winter for its ‘Naughty or Nice’ Lip Ice advertising campaign that runs nationwide from April to June 2013.

Lip Ice has introduced an excitingly new and revitalised range that is going to be on everybody’s lips this season.

“Generating brand awareness around Lip Ice’s twin pack and new flavours and engaging consumers with a social media link, the TLC washroom advertising campaign will run in LSM A cinema’s female washrooms, targeting young consumers with very clever creative,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

“TLC’s washroom advertising frames and mirror decals will attract female consumers in an environment where they are naturally looking at their appearance, making them the ideal advertising environment for the Lip Ice brand,” he adds.