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TLC’s Footcounters makes Rands and cents for advertisers
Fitting Exposure, TLC Unlimited

Primedia Unlimited’s subsidiary TLC Unlimited has released footcounter figures from its Fitting Exposure business which proves that advertisers utilising fitting rooms to engage with consumers are getting great ROI for their advertising Rands.

“Two venues were closely monitored over a period of one month to ascertain the exact number of ‘feet through the door’ in fitting room venues,” says Brett Tucker, Group MD of TLC Unlimited.

Figures from the Edgars store in Sandton City show that more than 35 500 people entered the fitting rooms and engaged with the advertising over a one month period. An advertising package in various Edgars fitting rooms could cost an advertiser R41 500 for a package, equating to R2077 per store to reach more than 35 500 people each month. “Marketers will be hard pressed to find figures this strong on any other platform,” says Brett.

At the Potchefstroom Jet store, over 8000 consumers per month were shown to be using the fitting rooms, with an average daily footfall of 268 people. If an advertiser had to spend R86 000 per month that would give the client exposure across 187 Jet stores nationally, at a cost of R460 per store.

In both cases, TLC Unlimited’s Fitting Exposure business believes it can prove the increase in sales and thus justify the media investment. At the end of the day this platform performs the role of brand exposure while also acting as a “point of sale” platform, very unique for any media type.

“The benefits of advertising in fitting rooms includes being able to run gender specific campaigns in retailers like Edgars. Category exclusivity is another benefit of using these venues which advertisers don’t often have the luxury of. Another salient point to mention is that the dwell time of consumers
in these venues is around five minutes, much longer than a person would normally engage with an advertiser. The placement of our ads within fitting rooms means that it really is impossible to ignore.”

“The fitting room is often the last touch point before consumers decide on a purchase, a key factor that can sway a decision, making the advertising even more crucial.”

Many advertisers find the fitting room environment beneficial. Vodacom has been a returning client for the past five years, as has DSTV and Etv. Fragrance houses are also seeing the benefits, repeatedly advertising their top end fragrances and brands.

In total, Primedia Unlimited’s Fitting Exposure business boasts advertising rights in the fitting rooms of 142 Edgars, 187 Jet, 220 Ackermans and 64 Legit stores.