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TLC’s new shopping malls Walkways turn shoppers into buyers
TLC Unlimited

South Africa’s indoor advertising specialists, Unlimited’s TLC, has just launched another innovative media platform that not only turns heads and ensures the attention that advertising brands deserve, but also has the ability to turn shoppers into buyers.

“TLC’s new shopping mall Walkways have strategically been placed on the way to our washroom venues and speak to consumers who are actively looking to spend money. In addition, shoppers are already in close proximity to where our clients’ brands can be purchased,” says TLC’s Brett Tucker.

He explains that these consumers are in a relaxed frame of mind and thus more receptive to absorbing the brand’s message, whilst also being actively in the market to purchase.

TLC’s Walkways are large, striking illuminated light-boxes that are 3m x 1.5m in dimension, delivering massive impact just one metre away from consumers.

“As one can imagine, the sheer size alone creates a huge impact and great awareness for any brand. Add great creative into the mix, and you’ve got a winner,” says Tucker.

The shopping mall Walkway light boxes are all located in shopping mall corridors, leading to and from busy, high foot traffic areas like food courts, banking halls, fashion courts etc.

There are multiple national advertising packages available (currently four light boxes per mall), and advertisers can select to reach LSM A, B and C shopping malls and their consumers.