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Unlimited Mall Division reinvents retail marketing strategy

The diverse nature of the South African retail sector demands a multi disciplinary yet integrated approach to retail marketing. Realising this, Unlimited Mall Division CEO Molefi Moloantoa says the business has undertaken a re-alignment of its various mall retail businesses into one division to offer clients and shoppers a seamless, fully integrated retail marketing experience.

The power of South Africa’s sprawling retail sector is enormous but the key is how to tap into it in a strategic, highly-effective manner.

We have therefore refocused our energies on offering our clients a comprehensive service, consisting of various businesses within the mall division that includes: mall media advertising (Primall, MallWorx), mall activations and sponsorships (Mall Active, Mall Fusion, Prime Courts), mall digital CRM (Source) and mall marketing, media and creative solutions (Primedia Lifestyle Group).

The philosophy behind our current approach is to match our advertising clients’ communication needs with the appropriate vehicle, be it advertising, activations, or CRM. Traditional mall advertising may be suitable for one advertiser whereas an activation coupled with an event may work for another. Ours is certainly not a quick in and out solution but rather a long-term business strategy that indicates the maturity of our approach and our ability to offer tailored ‘in mall’ solutions.

The idea behind this is to allow our clients to pick and choose individual service providers or achieve a fully integrated, broad approach if required. This is unusual in the sector in which we operate where a number of our competitors offer specialist services but are not able to offer the fully integrated offering that we do.

This realignment is also perfectly in keeping with South Africa’s rapidly evolving retail sector which saw R392-billion in total mall retail sales for 2012, up 8.7% year on year.

The Primedia Unlimited Mall Division develops fully integrated campaigns. For instance, when a mall launches a campaign that requires sponsorship, it requires a reputable brand association, a media partner and ready cash flow. Mall Fusion meets all these requirements: the company will raise sponsorship for the campaign and execute a seamless event. Sister companies Primall Media and MallWorx will ensure a smooth media partnership in advertising support while Mall Active has the ability to carry out an activation to support the campaign. Our CRM specialists Source, are also able to conceptualise and execute a relevant digital campaign for the advertiser thus ensuring that the client gets 360° awareness and engagement to the target market that matters.

A key benefit for us is that mall advertising is much closer to the point of purchase than traditional above-the-line media. Brands that are not on board will lose out because the mall space is one area where advertisers that seek real return on investment will not be disappointed, and where consumers can have real engagement with a brand, using all five senses.