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UPD strategises niched communication with pharmacists

A huge challenge for pharmaceutical suppliers is getting their products and unique selling proposition noticed by pharmacists and to be preferred over their competitors. To aid persuasive communication between supplier and pharmacist, X/procure®, a Primedia Unlimited subsidiary, offers unique procurement software which is supplemented by several advertising platforms. UPD is currently using the software to initiate a unique communication campaign.

X/procure® MD JD Henderson says; “UPD has tailored a niched advertising strategy whereby it’s six month campaign is promoting ‘TLC Tuesday’, ‘Spend Less Wednesday’ and ‘Bargain Box Friday’ using rotating browser screens, banner adverts and HTML messaging on the X/procure® portal which only pharmacists have direct access to.

The campaign was championed by UPD Planning Executive Bongani Ngoma who saw the benefit of X/procure®’s niched platform and the resulting reduced levels of advertising wastage. “We are able to inform pharmacists of our special pricing on a selection of front-shop products that are available only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
“On the remaining days of the week, we use the platform to announce other upcoming specials while creating awareness of the UPD brand as a preferred wholesaler. There aren’t many media options out there able to boast the same benefits,” he comments.