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Vodacom sticks to the Fitting Rooms
TLC Unlimited

TLC Unlimited’s Fitting Room media platform, a subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited, has provided excellent exposure for client Vodacom in the Jet and Edgars fitting room space. Specifically devised for the mass retailer’s target market of LSM 4 – 7, Vodacom has for the past five years sought to increase pre-paid airtime sales within these environments.

“The beauty of running a campaign for any length of time within the Jet and Edgars stores is mass reach on a national level and at a more than reasonable cost,” says General Manager Mary-Ann Lakin. “The challenge that Vodacom presented to us was for ownership and dominance of a unique and relevant environment, ensuring that the cellular provider cut through the clutter that exists in the usual retail space.”

It was critical that the media space provided dwell time to ensure the pre-paid communication was absorbed. Vodacom also sought to become the preferred brand among consumers within the Jet store environment.

“Part of the successful branding process is continuous education and consistent brand positioning,” she says. “In addition to strategic branding, dwell time within a dedicated space where other media isn’t available is crucial.”

The latest Vodacom campaign has been running in Jet and Jet Mart Stores for a period of one year with creative executions displayed on standard A3 frames. With various Vodacom offerings available in store, the opportunities for all parties made the process seamless.

“The success of the campaign is borne out by the results which saw the client’s messaging reach a broad demographic in their leisure time and while they’re in a shopping frame of mind,” says Mary-Anne. “Advertising in Fitting Rooms offers more opportunity to see the message and to consumers who are in close proximity to where the brand can be seen and purchased.”

TLC Unlimited DNA

TLC (Targeted Lifestyle Communication) introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996, and has since become the sole player in this media arena offering a plethora of in-mall and washroom advertising platforms such as standard and talking frames, cubicle wraps and treadmill branding to mention a few. More recently, TLC has expanded its portfolio to include a number of new businesses which are housed in TLC Unlimited (under Primedia Unlimited) namely TLC; GlamCam; Salon Media; TLC Mobile; Fitting Exposure (FashionCam) and Fotoactiv. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.tlc-media.co.za for more.