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Washroom advertising confirms feet through door
TLC Unlimited

A foot counter project has recently been completed by Unlimited subsidiary TLC to unequivocally prove that out of home media is a highly measurable medium, capable of offering detailed stats to clients seeking clear proof of consumer engagement on their media investment.
TLC MD Brett Tucker explains that all too often planners don’t have a recognised media tool to confirm the media currency related to washroom advertising and as a result, they question the accountability of the media type.
“The ongoing challenge that we face is to break through the traditional mindset that ambient media like washroom advertising is untested/unproven which leads to media planners and clients defaulting back to what they know,” says Tucker.
In the past, TLC has relied on footfalls from landlords to understand the foot traffic through each environment. Furthermore washroom entry was then based on a variety of studies and research samples via top research houses.
To achieve a far more media-specific set of data, TLC commissioned Tacktech Technologies to measure exact washroom foot counts. This saw counters being placed outside male and female washrooms at Clearwater Mall on Gauteng’s West Rand for a 1-month period during August 2012.

The first study was conducted at Clearwater given that it represents the typical profile of a shopping centre in which TLC’s washroom advertising are usually displayed.

“The launch of this pilot study means we can now provide detailed stats on the total number of people exposed to washroom advertising during the course of a day, week and month.
“The plus point of our media type is that once we know the amount of people entering a particular washroom, we also know they are 100% guaranteed to see our frames. With frames literally placed in front of a consumers face for at least 45 seconds this allows for the transfer of information from advertiser to consumer,” explains Tucker.

The study revealed that the washroom foot count was more than 25% of the total traffic through the mall. This is based on the fact that the total foot count through the centre was 885 738 of which 224 999 patrons visited the washrooms where TLC advertising was located. Of these, 118 530 were female and 106 469 were male, with the average number of visitors per day recorded at 7 258.
On a broader note Tucker says; “With budgets becoming tighter and tighter, it’s imperative we can show measurability and guaranteed consumer engagements.

“Studies like Footcounter are invaluable as they prove that washroom media is a real reach media platform. When you then look at the key salient factors of gender specific, category exclusivity, lifestyle targeted and low productions cost, you can’t help but reconsider washroom as an effective media platform. Hopefully the above can justify investment on our media type and assist in moving people’s thinking to so-called ‘non-traditional’ platforms”.