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Washroom media captures ‘potent’ Afrikaans market
TLC Unlimited

Capturing the Afrikaans consumer is never easy, however washroom media owner, TLC, was up to the challenge tasked to them by long standing client DGB. According to research, well known energy shooter, Potency, is best loved by Afrikaans speaking South Africans. To enable DGB to effectively reach these individuals, Primedia Unlimited’s TLC has executed an entirely new washroom frame network in South Africa’s outlying, predominantly Afrikaans speaking areas.

Encompassing 50 selected bars and nightclubs Potency will showcase its smart creative appealing to the Afrikaans market and in the process create instant recall when consumers stock up at the bar. 

TLC MD Brett Tucker says; “Targeting consumers in the washroom is the ideal opportunity to gain their undivided attention in a clutter free environment and the added benefit is having Potency available at the point of sale, allowing the consumer to immediately purchase the product, directly after engagement,” he adds.

Interestingly, according to DGB the Potency target market, aged 18 to 45 years, prefer to consume the shooter as a long drink, combining the shot with lemonade. Through the washroom campaign, DGB is effectively achieving its goal of reminding consumers of the product at the point of consumption.
Potency creatively used the medium to provide an educational and interactive media experience. A key aspect of making artwork really work for the brand was ensuring that the creative was as bright and bold as possible to ensure it caught the eye of patrons making use of the washrooms.