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Washroom media captures ‘potent’ markets
TLC Unlimited

Holding the attention span of young adults is no easy task at the best of times but Primedia Unlimited’s indoor media owner, TLC Unlimited, was up to the challenge tasked to them by long standing client DGB.

Encompassing 50 selected bars and nightclubs, DBG’s Potency (Po10C) brand is showcasing its smart creative appealing to consumers in cities and in outlying areas such as Lichtenburg, Polokwane, Potch, Klerksdorp, Rustenburg and Orkney.  Matching the message with the correct target market and environment means that the brand enjoys instant recall with consumers before they stock up at the bar.

TLC’s Joint MD Brett Tucker says; “Targeting consumers in the washroom is the ideal opportunity to gain their undivided attention in a clutter free environment and the added benefit is having Potency available at the point of sale, allowing the targeted consumer (aged 18-24) to immediately purchase the product directly after engagement,” he adds.

The campaign, entitled ‘Party with your Shades on’ provides an interactive element in that the creative portrays various sunglasses on washroom mirror decals at eye level for consumers to ‘find their personality’.

“Potency is described as serious liquid energy that keeps you going till dawn,” says Brett. “Our client made great creative use of the platform because the artwork was as bright and bold as possible to ensure it caught the eye of patrons making use of the washrooms.”