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XP Digital™ calls Pharylex consumers to action
XP Digital

Pharmaco selected one of the best ways to engage consumers when it comes to launching a new brand in-store, by signing up with Unlimited’s XP Digital™ platform to get its Pharylex ‘all-in-one’ treatment for throat infections to market.

XP Digital™ makes innovative use of 42-inch high definition LCD advertising screens to ensure a significant brand presence for Pharylex in-store, and educates consumers on the fact that the new product doesn’t only remove bacteria and viruses, but that it’s suitable for the entire family, including pregnant and lactating women.

“A new brand has to ensure that its presence is felt in the in-store environment if it hopes to compete with brands that have been in the market longer,” says XP Digital™’s JD Henderson.

“The model of our business is such that we have dominance in Clicks and Dis-Chem stores at dispensaries through our High Definition LCD screens. What can be a somewhat tedious process of waiting for prescriptions to be filled becomes entertaining and educational through targeted and relevant advertising. What’s more is that the advertising shown in store has the ability to change last minute purchasing decisions from one brand to another,” he adds.

Pharylex is ensuring that consumers see its product by making use of clear, concise and relevant creative messaging on the LCD screens in order to get their message across to an audience already seeking natural or medicinal healing products.

The campaign also alerts consumers to the fact that Pharylex is available from Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies, the exact stores in which the LCD screen adverts appear, thus ensuring a relevant and hard hitting call to action.

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xprocure.com.

XP Digital™

A subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited, XP Digital™ has the sole advertising rights to 42” HD screens located at dispensaries in Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide, catering to a diverse captured audience with buying power and within the shopping frame of mind The XP Digital™ screens are strategically placed in dispensaries, where is high dwell time, with little else to do, but to look at the screens and the advertising messages, which is driven by exceptional content. Consumers have to make their way through the store to the POS, after being exposed to advertorial messaging, increasing the propensity to buy by more than 60%. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.xprocure.com for more.