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XP Digital™ engages ‘captive queue market’
XP Digital

Realising the opportunity presented by a captive and often bored customer in a dispensary queue, health scheme Bestmed has utilised XP Digital™’s ideally positioned 30” and 15” LCD screens to create a highly effective touch point with consumers.

The screens are located in Clicks and Dischem stores, which dispense a combined 55% of the drugs sold in South Africa annually. Each screen is designed to enhance a customer’s queuing experience, while they wait to be served by a pharmacist. Content is flighted in 14 minute loops, which is the average queuing time at dispensaries and is split into 50% content and 50% advertising.
The latest 4-month Bestmed campaign successfully achieved the overall objective of creating awareness of the brand by educating consumers on healthy living through the presentation of interesting health tips. The synergy between the pharmacy environment and the health scheme brand was also extremely helpful in securing the message in consumers’ minds.

XP Digital™’s JD Henderson explains that; “The key with this type of campaign is to ensure that the content is useful and entertaining enough to retain a customer’s attention. Given that they spend an average of 14 minutes in a dispensary queue means that they are a captive audience but unless the content is especially interesting, it will not hold their attention. Another key factor is to ensure that the messaging is clear and concise so that it is quickly absorbed and most importantly, retained.”
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