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XP Digital™ highlights homeopathic flu relief to captive audience
XP Digital

Consumers seeking over the counter remedies for colds and flu are spoilt for choice during the winter months. Realising the need to differentiate itself during this key time of the year homeopathic flu remedy Le Bron’s Oscillococcinum has utilised the XP Digital™ screens to target the health conscious consumer, seeking a natural alternative to traditional over the counter medicines.
This takes the form of a two-month advertising campaign using XP Digital™’s LCD screens strategically placed within the dispensaries of the Dis-Chem and Clicks stores.

XP Digital™ MD JD Henderson says; “No one thinks of fighting flu until it hits them during winter, which is why Le Bron is promoting its world-renowned homeopathic flu remedy via our LCD screens in Dis-Chem.

“The two-month campaign will see Oscillococcinum’s creative, educational and entertaining advertisements being screened during the 14 minute loop on the screens within Dis-Chem’s dispensaries, in order to create brand awareness for the product and to assist in boosting sales.

“This stems from the fact that research has shown that the average time a consumer spends in the queue is 14 minutes. XP Digital™ therefore offers advertisers an excellent opportunity to engage with a captive consumer audience that has nothing else to do but engage with the entertaining digital screens whilst they are in the pharmacy environment and in a buying frame of mind.”

On average 3.4-million unduplicated consumers visit the dispensaries in Dis-Chem and Clicks monthly and will go back twice in a month.

“Given that the content displayed on the LCD screens is relevant and entertains consumers at that particular time, the advertising message strikes the right chord, ensuring an advertiser’s brand is top of mind and that consumers receive messaging in the immediate vicinity of where the product can be purchased.”