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XP Digital offers the true and original in-store digital advertising platform
XP Digital

XP Digital™ is the original innovator when offering marketers a digital advertising platform that delivers extensive exposure to brands that have been strategically aimed at consumers in major retail pharmacies where conventional pharmaceutical advertising is not permitted. 

The XP Digital™ LCD screens are strategically placed within or behind the dispensaries where there is high dwell time due to an average queue time of around 14 minutes. While standing in the queue there is little else for the consumer to do but to look at the screen’s content and innovative advertising messages. The platform offers advertisers national reach, very high impact, great frequency and return on investment.

“XP Digital has been offering this unique advertising platform for a number of years now and the extent to which competitors are picking up on the concept means that this platform is answering a very specific need,” says MD JD Henderson. “Our 42” HD screens run a 14 minute loop of captivating video content with advertising slots of up to 30 seconds available within the loop. The display solutions also offer news feeds, weather, funnies, quizzes, animated “Pop-up” slides, squeeze backs and entertainment content to keep the audience captivated and entertained whilst queuing at the dispensary.”

Additional advantages for brands is that consumers have to make their way through the ‘Golden Mile’ (from dispensary to the tills) stopping at several points of purchase along the way. For advertisers, this is a direct call to action resulting from the communication that the shopper has been exposed to on the in-store advertising screens, which increases the propensity to buy by more than 60%!

XP Digital™ has the sole advertising rights to all 42” HD screens located at dispensaries within the Dis-Chem brand and 102 flagship stores of Clicks pharmacies nationally. “These 102 stores equate to 30% of the Clicks store footprint, but the stores with XP Digital screens constitute approximately 75% of all prescriptions filled and have six times the foot traffic by consumers,” says JD. “Those are winning numbers for any brand manager.”

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xprocure.com.

XP Digital™

A subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited, XP Digital™ has the sole advertising rights to 42” HD screens located at dispensaries in Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide, catering to a diverse captured audience with buying power and within the shopping frame of mind The XP Digital™ screens are strategically placed in dispensaries, where is high dwell time, with little else to do, but to look at the screens and the advertising messages, which is driven by exceptional content. Consumers have to make their way through the store to the POS, after being exposed to advertorial messaging, increasing the propensity to buy by more than 60%. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.xprocure.com for more.