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XP Digital™ scratches an itch for Paranix®
XP Digital

Promoting an over-the-counter product that is primarily available in one corporate retail pharmacy brand may seem limiting to some marketers, but using the correct advertising channel can effectively target the intended market and certainly move product off the shelves.

For pharmaceutical manufacturer Omega Labs™, advertising its anti-lice shampoo Paranix® on XP Digital™’s HD in-store advertising screens in Clicks pharmacies made perfect sense.

Campbell Graham, Sales & Marketing Director of XP Digital™ says: “For Paranix®, the key objectives were to rapidly promote brand awareness and grow sales volumes within Clicks stores nationwide, since that is primarily where the product is currently sold. Our high definition TV screens located within these stores provide consumers with both educational and informative advertising content whilst they’re in the dispensary queues to get their scripts filled.”

”Whilst there is little else to do in the queues, it is during this period that consumers are in a buying frame of mind and more likely to respond to call to actions from promoted advertising specials and brands that are available within Clicks stores.”

Paranix® is an effective over the counter lice solution that is free of insecticides and safe to use for all family members, without any side effects.

The primary target market of the campaign is mothers with young, school going children who are most prone to lice.