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XP Digital™ wakes Dis-Chem customers up
XP Digital

Anti-snoring brand, Silence, manufactured by Omega Labs, has signed a deal with XP Digital™, a Primedia Unlimited company, that sees the brand’s category awareness campaign flighting in Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide.

“The Silence brand is an effective solution to a very common, but sometimes annoying ailment,” says X/Procure®’s Marketing & Sales Director Campbell Graham. “The product is usually purchased by women in the LSM 7-10 bracket that are over 40, more than likely for their husbands! We therefore had the opportunity of flighting a slightly humorous ad that would appeal to the female consumer.” 

The advertisements for Silence are flighted on XP Digital™’s 42” high definition screens which are situated at the dispensary areas of Dis-Chem stores nationwide. “Since there is little else for consumers to do during this time, and with no other media interruptions, the advertising on these screens has high recall and prompts an immediate call to action thereby increasing unit sales in store,” he says.

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xpdigital.co.za