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X/procure® increases sales for UPD via Bargain Box Friday campaign

In celebration of its 21st year in business, United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD) is showcasing its new 3D logo during its weekly Bargain Box Friday advertising campaigns through X/procure®.

“The main idea behind the campaign is to provide pharmacy owners and pharmacists with special prices on day-to-day front shop products that they purchase regularly. The discounted prices they receive allows the pharmacists to pass on these benefits to their consumers,” says JD Henderson, Managing Director of X/procure®, a Primedia Unlimited subsidiary.

The campaign, which utilises a variety of X/procure®’s advertising mediums, which include the Browser Screen, Screen saver adverts and Banner adverts, runs every Friday, and features a selection of front shop items available at special prices from UPD.

“When a product is selected for ordering, X/procure® flags these products as part of the promotion in order to advise that it is available at a special price through UPD,” says Henderson.

“When we compare sales on unadvertised products in the previous year to the advertised products during Bargain Box Friday, we see that sales have increased by at least 15% while some products’ sales have increased by more than 50%, depending on the product being promoted,” says Bongani Ngoma, UPD’s Planning Executive.

“In a tough trading wholesale environment we are pleased that we are able to ship more units to our customer base,” he adds.

For more information about X/procure®, visit www.xprocure.com.